Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WaT i HaD DonE?????

HAIZzzzzzz,time flies,i hav been staying at home for 40 days dy!What i had done is this 40days?
NOTHING actually.I reached my home on 2nd of December,then i spent my first week to sleep gao ago!!! Sun rise the i sleep, sun set then i wake up.keke.This is to recharge my battery due to the sleepless nite during my exam week.Damn betul,exam week avday slept at 3 or 4 n wakuo at 7.some of my crazy fren lagi geng,wan sin a, mei li ah,gary ah, drink kopi n tahan til the next morning de!!!
Basically i din do any BIG PROJECT in dis holiday.Many people always ask me "how is ur holiday?" My Answer oli 1 and always the same....." LAME n BORING"....May be it is bcoz i din organize my time or i din make myself busy.I din do wat i planned, n after i planned again ,i din go for it. Haiz, dats the symtom of LAZY virus.i spent most of my time at home n on the car(be my PArents' driver).
I took along time to think wat i had done in dis holidays, but at last i oli cum out wiv dis few atvt oli.So dissapointed.Not to forget,our result was announced yesterday by Miss Chey Wan Sin, one day before the actual date.She said her sister,Cher Chia Sin hacked UTP website n check our result and i was so shocked because her sister is a medicine Student but not ICT. Then after that i only get to know that i was cheated by Chey Chia Sin.Anyway, thanx wan sin also coz she get me my result.keke
Oh ya, today i transfer a few pics to my laptop. They were taken at sawah ring!!! A paddy field near my house. Hong wee n i cycled there at 5pm. Hong Wee looked so tough this time,his muscle become bigger compare to wat i saw last time. I cycled in front of him n led him to Sawah Ring.Manatau after 5 minutes, wen i stopped and turn back to see him,i found that i left him far away behind me dy.keke,i didnt speed dat time, juz cycling with a normal speed oli.=.=III

A river at the end of Sawah Ring

Muahaha,wana climb up the tree!!!


No ENTRY?????

Hong Wee with his Big BUTT!!!

6 more days to go, then i will go bec to utp dy......... so sad coz got to go bec to jungle dy......So hepi coz can c all the Tarzan fren....wakakakkaka.i miss u all so muchh!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CoOkiNg OiL ShoRtAgE

"Boss, ada minyak tak?" "NO!!!"
"Boss, got cooking oil ma?" "NO!!!"
"Lao ban, you You ma?" "MEI YOU !!"
i repeated this qeustion for a few times juz now, but i ended up without buying any cooking oil. So geram, do u noe the feeling of off ur engine and lock ur car for several times but at last when u found that ur efforts were all in vain cause u cant get wat u want . >.<

Haha, ohh, havnt tel u why i want to buy cooking oil. Every year before chinese new year, i will help my mum to do some biscuit or sweet food ,nono, is my mum help me.Haha. So today i taught i want to do b4 going back to utp and the easiest thing to do is the fried poh piah skin. By the way, today i promise a friend of mine that i will make sumthing by myself for her. Wakeke. So sad, manatau bukit gambir is facing the cooking oil shortage also. When i wan reading papers this morning, i told my mum this problem sure occur at KL oli,manatau so fast kill to bukit gambir dy. i wonder how the restraunts cook if the problem remain like dis. (o.0) use water to fry fish??? then those stall selling pisang goreng by the roadside survive??? keep the oil for weeks and reuse avday??? Or sell Pisang without frying???wakakaka...
Oh ya, dis evening i cooked a maggi goreng for myself ohh.I was not hungry, but just want to play play in the kitchen,haha. My mum was so mad bcoz i made the kitchen so messy!haha.

Some of the ingredients to b cut,keke..

Vege,meats,prawns, sambal,onions,garlic,and carrot slices.

Goreng-ing the magi.=p

Wahahaha, eating the magi dat i cooked for myself,taste so special. This kind of taste cant tasted by tongue but only by heart. Only reap the fruit that is planted by urself can give u this kind of satisfaction!! keke

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good Bye Nokia , i MiSs u so mUch

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, dis is the saddest moment ever......i traded in my NOKIA and bought a Sony Ericson handset.i should be happy because i get a new phone.i myself also dunoe why,after getting the new phone my feeling was not hepi but not sad.It is all because i found that my old phone camera can take a better quality photo.haiz, Lame la.NOKIA, i miss u so much. My old Phone was Nokia 3230, i bought it from a friend of mine wiv a very cheap price because he won money that time. The handphone shop wan to but up his phone with RM 300 but at last he sold it to me with a lower price which is RM290.

Wan Sin the pro said she used this phone b4 and according to her, this phone makes lot of noise when typing msg.Yup, it is true!!!So avtime when my mum hear the noise in the midnight, she will noe i m typing msg and i will get scolded.

This is my old phone :(T.T) Nokia, i miss u.

This is the front view of it,so red, so hot.

Another side of it,YES, it is red again, i like it.

I have been using the new Phone for 4 days already.On the 1st day, it was quite hard for me to use it because the system of nokia and sony ericson are slightly diffrent.I took a few minutes took type a msg at first,and i made a person so angry because she taught i dun wana reply her.Haha.Previously, i can type a msg without looking at my phone,but now i nid to look at the screen and type the word 1 by 1.The keypad is so small.The bosy is slimmer. I keep telling myself to give me some time to adapt to the new phone,be patient because i already bought it and no return dy.

Yah, this is my new phone,w610i.How is it?Not bad ler!!!

Splush Orange Colour,so shiny........

Slim boh?haiz, hope i can slim like it.=.=lll

Oi, i noe sum of u muz b saying i so "Hao Lian" now, not showing off my new phone lar, juz wana share a bit nia.4days i use it dy, and i feel like i m start to accept it and love it dy ohh.Keke.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The bEsT PrESenT i EveR GeT

18 years i have been living in this "flower flower world",i have received a variety of presents since i was a baby. Toys, money, stationary, cards, and so many things lar. But dis year,nonono, is last year, i received a very very very good, nono is the best present la i ever get.

It is actually a chirstmas present .That morning my mum n i were having our Gotong royong. About 12.30,we finished to clean the kitchen and a lorry honned outside my house.It was the Skynet courier Company. Got ppl send sumthing for me!!!!!huh, i was so suprise, 1st time ler..... weiweiwei, dun say me "sua gu" hor,i reli 1st time receive dis kind of thing ma.!!!

After i signed,i ma quickly opened the presend lor.A ribbon was tied on the present, and i used up 15 minutes to open the ribbon.

Jeng Jeng, dis is the present after i open the ribbon

Yeah, dis is the red hot spicy lovely present!!!!

This is the box inside,it is so class. wen u c it, u sure will think the thing inside is sumthing very previous.....(Memang Pun)=p

Yes, it is the thing inside.It iS A sMalL WhiTe BeG With StitcheS on It.Dat Is Me,My name!!
I dun wan to use it n kip it inside my drawer coz i scare i will make it dirty...=p

It iS aNotHeR Side Of ThE Beg,SO CuTe ler!!!
Huh, it is so special,meaningful and .................aiyo, in short is undescribable, coz thing dat can be described by words is all FAKE!!!!!!
Oh ya, thank you to the sender,Muacks!I noe u used many days to do it,redo and redo, i really like it!!!
Okie,i wan to stop here dy,tata.C u next time!!=p

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who is Z tAy ????

Yoyo, we meet again,sori 4 not introduce about myself in the 1st posting.
Dis tImE, i GonA leT u NoE WhO is Z tAy and his FrIenDs AroUnD Him WeN hE Is in UTP And MuAr of course........
Deng Deng,ShoW tiMe.......................................

Yeah, dis is the macho Z tay(owner of dis blog) in the Chemi Lab after class!
What?not clear?cant c my face?okok, dun wori, cuming up next,
my stylo photo with Spec n Lab coat!

Huh, posing like dis make me looked like a bit lansi.....=.=

Dis is the sleeping beauty of my class-Joel.Caught by me wen he was sleeping in E.Math lecture!!!

Waseh,sorisori 4 making u frighten by dis head. He is Tan Chee Sheng from Seremban, we got him a english name,"Andrey"! Wan to noe y?haha, coz his ex dream gal was our lovely senior,"Audrey"
(Andrey,dun angry oh if u c my blog)

Nah,dis person very important lol, he got so many names is utp:

1.Seh Zai Ming(Sneaky ming)
2.Daniel(Given by Taha from Pakistan)
3.Kelvin(Given by me in Physics class)
4.Alex(Given by??????)
5.Chen Ming Hui ( Given by his father)

Oh ya, i 4gt to tel u all a very very important thing,
he is my roomate..wakakakakaka
He slip at 2 am n wakup at 6am avday constantly to study!Geng!

Paiseh har,since i dun hav all the single photo of My frens at utp, show u dis !!!All UTP guys July intake 2007.

Ops, Sorry 4 not putting any LENG LUI photo, okok, let me introduce u the Miss UTP July Intake 2007 from Civil Engineering.She is Miss Teh Mei Li.

Yeah, here is she, Big Leng lui Of UTP from KL.she likes to damn here damn there and damn everything.Guess how i get dis photo?Keke

Haha, i put dis photo juz to intro u another ROUND n MEATY gal from UTP also. She is Wan Sin.(Left 1)She is the 1 who ask me to sign up a blog and edit my blog.

Huh, dis is the last photo from me today,dis photo was taken during the Egyptian Day . Gal from left:Catherine,Hwee Chee,Mayun, and Shun Shyan.=p Guy from left : Foo Piew, Joel, Lee Chon,me and Wai Boon.

Huh, now is 8.30dy, i got appointment with Jacky in the Guess Guess Guess,so TATA.

See u !!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dong Zhi '07........YeaH!!!!

Yeah, dis is my 2007 Dong zhi Preparation.this year onli my mum , my 2nd sis n i made tong yun...........very nice ohhh...

Actually, i hate to eat Tong Yun, dont ask me why,because i myself also dont know why i dont like to eat it but i like to make it ......keke

dis year i bot 300 gm of red bean and 200 gm of peanut, i made 50+ of big tong yun with red bean inside...... tel u , i ever make the tong yun with peanut inside 1, but all fail, the tong yun bocor and the peanut all in the soup.......LAME

Dis is my mum n i,7.30pm

My 2nd sis Shy to face the camera.=p

bliv o not ,dis plate of red bean tong yun is made by me ohh..=p 50+

Mum cooking the tong yun on the next day.=p

Dats all 4 today, i will upload more nice photos to let u guys see ohh,,......
p/s : Thanx to Wan Sin ya , she ask me to register 4 dis acc and help me edit my blog 1